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Everyone knows the number one way actors get noticed is with an incredible Showreel.

But unless you’re already established, it can be hard to put together a compelling showcase of your work that makes Casting Directors sit up and take notice

JJ Splice Showreels makes it easy, fun and stress-free to produce truely exceptional work that will mean you're always sought-after for auditions.

Collaborate with experienced filmmakers who have real film industry credentials and who guide you through the simple steps to creating a truely memorable screen performance.

Work in a professional, purpose-built studio, shooting with the same high-end Motion Picture facilities used to create Oscar-winning movies.

If you've got the talent, determination and passion then you deserve to be noticed.

JJ Splice is the most trusted and most experienced Showreel studio in Australia.

We've worked with thousands of actors and helped create enormous success on the world stage. When you collaborate with expert filmmakers, your stunning performance is captured in its most compelling form. You now have the opportunity to create work so memorable that Casting Directors simply can't look away.

But don't take our word for it.

"The care and consideration of the team at JJ Splice is second to none. They truly want actors to succeed, they go beyond providing production value but also support in choosing the right material for your scenes. Could not come more highly recommended. Love your work" ★★★★★ Kasia Stelmach

"My first showreel shoot and I had a bloody blast! The guys are super efficient, direct and such a joy to work with. They really spend the time to figure out what makes you pop as an individual actor and translate those intricacies both during the shoot and in the editing suite. It was truly refreshing to have professionals provide a safe and free space to experiment without feeling judged or uncomfortable. 10/10 guys and solid product." ★★★★★ - Mandy Sugar

"I’ve had so much incredible feedback, the scenes were fresh and original – They were engaging and it made it a pleasure to watch. Absolutely love your work!" ★★★★★ - Stephen Walker

“I’m totally blown away by the editing, the lighting, framing. These look like scenes from a film, the way you’ve created different tones and themes is genius!” ★★★★★ - Michael Grocholsky

"JJ Splice has the best, top quality gear, equipment and most importantly the knowledge to help push your acting career further. They help guide your way into the industry, they give you tips on how to perform better, they listen to your ideas and opinions for when it comes to shooting and they combine it with their ideas as well so to help create the perfect scenario. And finally, they put in tremendous hard work for editing your scenes. I thank JJ Splice for helping me get a kick start into the industry. They really do care for you and your career path." ★★★★★ - John Isbilir

"Highest calibre of professionalism, honest and they know how to get the best out of each scene. Highly recommend." ★★★★★ - Geraldine Vartuli

"What a wonderful team, really professional and helpful. Tim is wonderful, super fast and efficient! Also I have found an Agent because of the amazing Showreel they’ve done! Highly recommended the price is definitely worth it!
Thank youuuuuuuu 🙏🙏" ★★★★★- Omray Kupeli

"Timothy and Dean are so lovely to work with. They are very patient and do their best to ensure the actors are calm and in the moment. Highly recommend!" ★★★★★ - Natasha Dai

"Timothy and Dean are the most incredible people to work with. Not only did I feel super comfortable with all the choices I was making, but it was definitely a collaborative effort between all of us. Everything is done at such a professional level, yet in such a relaxing environment where there's no stress! Can't wait to work with these guys again in the future!" ★★★★★ - Susana Downes

"Since my new Showreel I’ve booked my first guest role, a Lead in a Commercial and was shortlisted for another guest role! Thank you so much!!" ★★★★★ - Dominique Dickson 

"The team at JJ are simply awesome! I would definitely recommend them! Be you a working actor that needs to freshen up your material or a newbie to the biz, JJ have you covered! A warm and welcoming, open and supportive environment awaits you!" ★★★★★ David Ashby

“The scenes look great! I sent them out and set up a meeting and straight away got my first audition! Thank you for being so open minded!” ★★★★★ - Aubry Ibrag

"I am so impressed with the reels I got from these guys. They provide a controlled, safe and collaborative environment to bring out your best work. Not only are is myself and my agent thrilled with the work, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you!" - Amanda Hedges

"Fantastic to work with. I would (and did) recommend them to anyone." ★★★★★ - Jesse Leach

"Very High Class! Both extremely skilled at their craft. Value for buck!!" ★★★★★ - Jordan Steer

“A relaxed and creative atmosphere with a focus on quality, careful guidance and capturing the best possible performance. Wonderfully professional!” ★★★★★ - Ainsley Melham

Recent Work

Check out a selection of actors' recent Clips Reels, comprised of scenes created with JJ Splice.

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