Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find scenes to shoot?

There are so many sources of great material that translates beautifully onto the screen. We recommend working with high-quality film, tv or theatre scripts and adapting them to suit your performance style, range and the practical considerations of shooting. When you sign up to work with us, we'll send you links to extensive databases you can browse through. We'll also be on hand to point you in the right direction and advise on the suitability of scripts for your Showreel. 

How do I find a scene parter? 

We have a huge catalogue of actors we've collaborated with in the past and many are thrilled to come back as scene partners. You can browse prevoious scenes here at and if you come across someone who'd be perfect for your scene, let us know. You can also post on the JJ Splice Showreels Community Facebook Group and ask interested actors to post links to their showreels. If none of that works, we can do an email blast to our 1000+ actor database. Whatever the case, we'll be here to support you in getting the perfect casting for your scene. 

How do I receive my scenes?

We'll send you links to each individual scene. From here you can view, share and download the scene. We provide various different formats and file sizes so you can be certain that your work is suitable for upload any website or casting portal. If you've ordered a Professional Website (which is also included free in our Full Showreel Package), you'll also get your Showreel Clips Reel on your own personal, Professional Website, ready to send your most impressive work out to the industry.

How long does it take to receive scenes after shooting?

The average turnaround-time after shooting is 5-10 working days. We absolutely guarantee that your scene will be delivered no later than 21 days from shooting. 

If I have a scene partner in mind, can we split the costs?

Yes, absolutely! If you already know who will appear in your scene, you can share the costs with the other actor. You can then choose to have the edit created so that you share equal screen time, or you can request two different versions of the scene be created, for a small extra fee. 

Where will we shoot?

We will shoot in or around our Studio in Surry Hills. The Studio is purpose-created with pre-rigged lights which saves a lot of time on set. It also means lighting is controlled digitally so we can be ultra-precice and create incredible cinematography for your Showreel in much less time and to a higher standard than on location. There are a huge number of looks and settings that we can create in the studio. You can also shoot out and about in the wonderful neighbourhood of Surry Hills. Some of our best work has been filmed in nearby Prince Alfred Park (which has stunning afternoon light and a huge variety of stunning backdrops). There are also an abundance of laneways, streetscapes, pocket-parks, carparks and more to choose from around the area. For more info on what's possible, check out our video at the top of this page. 

How long should my scene be?

A maximum scene length of 2-minutes and 30-seconds. Viewers have short attention spans - and Casting Directors have a lot of material to watch. 2m:30s gives you ample opportunity to show who you are and what you can do. And we'll work with you to make sure your scene opens with a bang, draws the viewer in from the first frame and leaves the viewer wanting more. There's great advantage in shooting more than one scene if possible as this allows you to show your full range, while keeping the audience engaged across multiple settings and looks. 

How long does it take to shoot a scene?

Every scene is different - but our studio and location workflows are designed so that we spend the vast majority of time on set directing and filming you, instead of setting up lights and equipment. Our studio comes pre-lit with beautiful soft lights and the highest quality RGB lamps. What does that mean? We never need to physically touch a light to change its colour or brightness, we use an app for that. We rarely need to run cables because everything is pre-rigged or wireless. In fact, we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (and many years of training) to ensure we can work as efficiently as possible to create stunning drama scenes quickly. For a single scene, we find 2-hours is ample to direct the scene effectively capture plenty of coverage. With longer projects - such as our Full Showreel Package and 3-Scene Package, you might notice us taking a bit longer, especially if the scene calls for a more experimental interpretation in cinematography and direction. The most important thing is that you will never feel rushed - and if you need that extra time to do another take to be certain it's your best work - that's never a problem. 

What if I don't have the funds for a Showreel?

You can easily sign up for an Interest-Free Payment Plan (on Full Showreel Package and 3- Scene Showreel Packages). This way, you can cover the production over 10 weeks. We find that many of our actors recoup the cost of their Showreel as soon as they book their next acting job. And they stand a vastly greater chance of constantly booking work once they have a supurb Showreel that makes Casting Directors unable to say no. If you've invested in Drama School, Acting Classes, Accent Coaching, Headshots - or anything else to get where you are - then you understand that investing in your career is fundamental in order to achieve success. 

Ready To BOOK ACTING WORK Consistently?

WARNING: Because we split our time between commercials, feature films and drama projects, we can only work with a small number of actors each month.  

Places ALWAYS fill up quickly.  

If you're serious about being in HOT DEMAND and ALWAYS booking auditions, you will need a showreel that makes Casting Directors unable to say no.