Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure shoots are COVID-Safe ? 

JJ Splice is a Registered COVIDSafe business with stringent health and safety plans in place. We ask that you adhere to any health regulations that apply at the time of your shoot. If you are feeling unwell before your shoot, please ask us to reschedule your shoot and do not attend. You'll also notice measures such as hand sanitiser, social distancing and mask-wearing in place where applicable.

Do I need to have studied acting to make a Showreel? 

No! There are countless very successful actors who never studied acting. What matters is that you're committed to your own success. We find that actors with little or no on-screen experience learn a huge amount about the process of acting for camera when they work with us.

How do I find a scene partner? 

We have a huge catalogue of actors we've collaborated with in the past and many are thrilled to come back as scene partners. When you book your Showreel shoot date and choose the scenes you are filming, we will put you in touch with enthusiastic actors who we know will be perfect to appear with your scenes and who will support your work.

How do I choose scenes to shoot?

When you confirm your Showreel days we will customise a selection of scenes for you to choose from, based on your specific objectives, your personal branding and your acting style. There are so many sources of great material that translates beautifully onto the screen.  

Where will my Showreel be filmed?

We will shoot in or around our professional Studio in Surry Hills. The Studio is purpose-created with pre-rigged lights which saves a lot of time on set. It also means lighting is controlled digitally so we can be ultra-precice and create incredible cinematography for your Showreel in much less time and to a higher standard than on location. For exterior scenes there are many incredible locations that allow us to create a wide range of looks .

How do you deliver the scenes to me? 

We send you the finished work as High Definition digital files which you can stream, share and download. If you have booked a Full Showreel Package we will also embed your Clips Reel on your own professional website which will will make for you.

How long does it take to get scenes delivered after the shoot? 

We deliver the finished scenes and monologues to you within two weeks of the shoot date. Once you've viewed the material and discussed your Clips Reel with us, we deliver the Clips Reel edit to you within one week.  

Can I split the cost of a Showreel with another actor? 

Yes, absolutely! If you already know who will appear in your scene, you can share the costs with the other actor. You can then choose to have the edit created so that you share equal screen time, or you can request two different versions of the scene be created, for a small extra fee.

What if I don't have the funds for a Showreel?

You can easily sign up for an Interest-Free Payment Plan. This way, you can cover the production costs over 10-weeks. Many actors recoup the cost of their Showreel as soon as they book their next acting job. If you've invested in Drama School, Acting Classes, Accent Coaching, Headshots - or anything else to get your career underway - then you understand that investing in your career is an important part of your success.

Do you have a Scholarship?

Yes! We offer a scholarship of which results in 15% to 75% off the cost of a Full Showreel Package.

We can only award a limited number of scholarships each year and they are based on merit.

We extend this Scholarship to:

  • Student actors
  • Actors who are experiencing financial hardship
  • Actors who are part of a marginalised or under-represented community, including actors with a disability; transgender, First Nations and immigrant actors.

To learn more, please book a Strategy Call with us and discuss your Scholarship request.

If you have any other questions, please call us on (02) 8074 7006.

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