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In-Person Courses

Gain valuable skills that can rapidly increase your chances of securing high-quality acting work while going deeper into your craft.

Showreel Launchpad
8 Lessons In-Person / 24 hours total / $997
Includes Showreel Scene

Most "Showreel Courses" don't teach you the real craft of Screen Acting - because they don't have the high-end tools that replicate a professional film set.

Now you can work in a Professional Production Studio, on the same facilities used by Major Hollywood Studios.

You'll learn how camera lenses change your performance. You'll understand cinema lighting and how you can achieve greater resonance by working with light.

You’ll work intensively on a 2-hander drama scene and then film it multiple times in-studio. You’ll watch back your work in a supportive group setting, taking it apart and discovering actionable steps to improve it.

You'll work under the direction of an Internationally Acclaimed Feature Film Director who will guide you through the process of shooting a Showreel that will open doors.


Self-Tape Mastery
10 Lessons / 3 hours / $57

Creating compelling Self-Tapes that actually get watched by Casting Directors - and get results - is a core skill every actor must master.

But unless actors have been to film school it can be near impossible to develop a simple process for consistently producing high-quality work. And it can be even harder for actors to work out what gear they actually need and how to use it to best effect.

Self-Tape Mastery demystifies the process by outlining simple steps actors can take to produce outstanding Self-Tapes that ensure they get the role or get a call back.

Over 10 easy-to-follow lessons, you'll gain all the skills you need to 10X your call-back rate for Self-Tape auditions.

Showreel Mastery give actors all the tools they need to shoot their own professional Showreel using equipment they already own.

The course reveals the processes and techniques used not only on highly successful Showreel projects, but also on drama projects including short films, feature films and TV drama.

Showreel Mastery empowers actors with content creation skills that can put them in charge of their own density and allow them to create their own work.

Taught by acclaimed filmmaker Dean Francis, Showreel Mastery includes practical demonstrations, Q&As and lectures as well as 65 easy-to-follow lessons specifically designed for actors.

You can't afford to wait any longer.

Australia is going through an unprecedented film & television production boom. $9 billion of production is headed down under and there are thousands of roles up for grabs.

But you will need a Showreel that puts you in contention. One that shows you've got what it takes to appear in high-quality productions in demanding roles.

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