Master Screen Acting
& Shoot
a Stunning Showreel

8 Weekly Classes, 6-9pm

Starts Thursday 1st February 2024

JJ Splice Films, Surry Hills

$997 / $87 per week

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Create Professional Quality Showreel scene that you can use to get an agent or book more acting work

Learn screen acting techniques from an Internationally Acclaimed Director & Actor

Work with high-end tools of cinema - and experience a professional film set environment

The Highest-Quality Showreel Course in Australia

Most "Showreel Courses" don't teach you the real craft of Screen Acting - because they don't have the high-end tools that replicate a professional film set.

Now you can work in a Professional Production Studio, on the same facilities used by Major Hollywood Studios.

You'll learn how camera lenses change your performance. You'll understand cinema lighting and how you can achieve greater resonance by working with light.

You’ll work intensively on a 2-hander drama scene and then film it multiple times in-studio. You’ll watch back your work in a supportive group setting, taking it apart and discovering actionable steps to improve it.

You'll work under the direction of an Internationally Acclaimed Feature Film Director who will guide you through the process of shooting a Showreel that will open doors.

You will learn:

  • The technical art of screen performance
  • How lenses change how you come across 
  • How to use light to your advantage
  • Techniques for breaking down a script quickly
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Only 8 places available

Your Unique Curriculum

Session 1: Breaking Down The Script

Explore the process of breaking down a scripted scene for performance, and interrogate the most important choices actors must make in preparing their work. Meet your scene partner and establish key choices for your performance.

Session 2: Lighting and Lenses

Learn the lighting system common to most film sets and discover what you can do as an actor to use light to shape your screen performance. Understand camera lenses, and their impact on how you come across on screen.

Session 3: Rehearsing with Subtext

Unlock subtext as a powerful tool to focus and adjust screen performances. You’ll work on subtext exercises and collaborate with your scene partner to go deeper into your scene. You’ll get feedback on your performances and actionable next steps.

Session 4: Multicam Workshop

Step into a multi-cam shooting environment and film your scene as it is switched live in front of the group. With the camera ‘always on’ your performance, you learn how to harness the power of reactions and silent moments in scenes. 

Session 5: Deconstructing Multi-Cam Performance

A full debrief of the multi-cam shoot, where you get a unique look into the strengths and weaknesses of your performance on screen. You’ll uncover the nuances of working with the camera and lighting and gain feedback that you can implement before the upcoming Showreel Shoot.

Session 6: Showreel Shoot Part 1

The Showreel Shoot is the culmination of the whole course. With your scene partner, you will film your scene in the JJ Splice Studio from multiple angle and do multiple takes to create your best possible performance. Two scenes will be shot in this session, and students who are not filming this week can use the time for extra rehearsal or observe the filming process for valuable insights into screen performance.

Session 7: Showreel Shoot Part 2

The Showreel Shoot continues, with the tutor directing and shooting the scenes. Students are invited to perform crew roles on the shoots, providing a unique perspective on the filming process. 

Session 8: World Premiere Screening Night

See your work on a Cinema-quality Big Screen and get instant audience feedback. Learn what's expected of an actor in publicity tours and how you can promote yourself and articulate your process. 

Course Schedule:

Session 1 - Thursday, 1st Feb, 2024 
Session 2 - Thursday, 8th Feb, 2024 
Session 3 - Thursday, 15th Feb, 2024 
Session 4 - Thursday, 22nd Feb, 2024
Session 5 - Thursday, 29th Feb, 2024
Session 6 - Thursday, 7th March, 2024
Session 7 - Thursday, 14th March, 2024
Session 8 - Thursday, 21st March, 2024

Location :
JJ Splice Films

56 Buckingham St,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
(5-minutes walk from Central Station)
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Meet the Course Teachers

Actor Turned Award-Winning Filmmaker Dean Francis

Dean is an Actor, Director and Cinematographer who's work includes the feature films Lonesome (2022), Drown (2015) and Road Kill (2011).

He teaches actors at NIDA and has lectured at Australia's leading creative institutions.

Dean's films have screened in hundreds of international film festivals and won dozens of awards for Directing, Cinematography and Acting. 

Dean is the Founder & CEO of JJ Splice Showreels, Australia’s oldest and most-trusted dedicated Showreel studio, which has created thousands of original Showreels for actors since 2012.

Dean has also directed music videos for major labels and commercials for clients including NSW Health, Merivale, eBay and Uber.

Timothy May Headshot

Actor’s Director Timothy May

Timothy is an Actor, Director, Casting Director and Producer who has worked across multiple disciplines in his career, from blockbusters through to award winning dramas.

Timothy studied at International Film School Sydney, honing his skill as a storyteller and director. He has studied various classical acting techniques, and has a particular interest in crafting authentic performances through a combination of instinct, intelligence and process.

He has worked on blockbusters such as The Wolverine (2013), Unbroken (2014) and Gods of Egypt (2016), as well as casting feature film Drown (2015) in collaboration with Maura Fay Casting, and an award winning NSW Health Training Video Series (yes they have awards for those!).

With over 10 years experience as a director and coach, Timothy has worked with hundreds of actors, who have gone on to work with Amazon Studios, Apple TV, Netflix, CW and Disney.

What Actors Say

"Dean is an amazing tutor and he really explained everything in a way that everyone would understand" Sophie Wangari

"Great environment, professional, good energy, friendly relaxed and safe space to express, learn and grow. Definitely very valuable!" Jony Teperski

"I really enjoyed learning about the subtext and practicing it the way we did. I found some things that I really think I can work on. Learnt plenty of new information and Dean did a great job. Was so much fun getting behind the camera and getting to review our work!" - Talon Hopper

"Excellent step by step instruction. Insightful and honest feedback from instructor. Learning many valuable technical details regarding acting on-screen and how big or small a performance should be" Dwayne Lawler

"I think it’s great for actors to understand the tech side. For those who haven’t been on set you could really see they were learning & taking it all in. Your equipment is fab. It’s great in a class setting to be working with such good equipment. I mean let’s face it, usually it’s a dodgy camera & some old chairs!" Penelope Morgan

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning and growing and coming out with a kick-ass Showreel!" Ruben Hadges

Recent Showreel Launchpad Scenes

Recent work from our graduates, filmed in the Showreel Launchpad Course at JJ Splice.


What if I want to do the course but the dates don't suit me?

There may be other intakes in the future.

Click here to be notified of alternative intake dates as they are announced.

Where is the course held? 

The course is held at JJ Splice Films, 56 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills.

JJ Splice is a 3-minute walk from Central Station where you can access trains, busses and light rails.

There is free street parking on Buckingham Street after 5:30pm, but we suggest you allow extra time to find a parking space if you are driving.

What do I get after completing the course ? 

After the course you will be sent your own professionally filmed, edited and post-produced Showreel Scene.

You can download the scene in High Definition and use it to promote your acting work.

What is the maximum class size in the course?

The maximum class size is 8 people. 

In the unlikely event that 6 of the 8 spots are not filled before the first day of the course, it may be postponed until a future date.

When do I have to pay for the course?

You have two options:

A) Pay a 30% deposit using a credit card. The balance is charged to your credit card one week before the course begins.


B) Sign up for a Payment Plan, where you make a small payment each week towards the cost of the course. The Payment Plan begins when you enrol and ends when you have covered the full cost of the course. Payment Plan pricing includes a 5% service fee.

What payment methods can I use to pay for the course?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Direct Bank Transfer or Cash. 

What if I enrol and then change my mind?

If, after taking your Intake Interview with the teacher, you decide that the course is not for you, simply contact us within 24 hours of the Interview and you will receive a full refund.

After 24 hours have passed since your Intake Interview, your deposit is non-refundable.

If you pull out of the course you will receive a Credit Note for 80% of the amount you have paid which can be used towards any of our other courses, or towards a Showreel Shoot at JJ Splice.  

What experience do I need to take part in the course? 

You don’t need specific previous experience to enrol in the course. Each applicant is assessed individually as part of the application process.

Are there any age restrictions?

All participants need to be over 18 years of age.

Is wheelchair access available?

Unfortunately, at the moment, the Basement Studio is not wheelchair accessible and students do need to be able to use the stairs. We are working on a wheelchair accessible option for future intakes.

How do I access the online component?

You will be sent a link which will allow you to create a login to access the online course components. You can then access these on any device using the same login.

How is my Showreel Scene chosen in the course? 

When you enrol, you have a consultation meeting with the teacher where you discuss the sort of scene you are interested in filming for your Showreel.

The teacher will then cast you in a scene that will show you in the best possible light, and also challenge you. In the unlikely event that you do not want to perform the scene you are cast in then you are welcome to contact the teacher and discuss alternative options for scenes.

When will I get my script for the course? 

You will receive your script for the course one week before the course begins.

Can I choose my own Scene Partner in the course? 

In the course, you’ll be working with another course participant as your Scene Partner. If you really want to work with a specific person, encourage them to enrol in the course and you can then work together as Scene Partners. 

What preparation do I need to do before the first week of the course? 

Before the course, we recommend that you study the screenplay thats supplied to you and begin learning your lines. The more grasp you have of the dialogue, the easier it is to rehearse and shoot your scene. 

What equipment will we be using in the course? 

In the course you will be working with RED Digital Cinema Cameras, the same system that is used to shoot Oscar-Winning motion pictures.

We will also work with wireless lapel microphones and professional studio lighting, which will ensure your Showreel scene looks professional and cinematic. During the multi-cam shoot, we work with two cameras (one for each actor) and we switch live between both actors.

When should I complete the online component?

It's recommended that you complete all online course components before the first in-person class, because you can then put into practice the extra skills and knowledge you have gained.

However, don't worry if you havn't got time to the online components before the in-person classes commence. You can always go back and do them later and they will add to your understanding of Screen Performance.

What's the Special Bonus Screening Session about?

The bonus screening is one of the most exciting parts of the course. During this session we watch back all  the scenes we’ve shot on the Big Screen with Cinema-quality projection. We talk about the strengths and challenges of the work and discuss what’s next in your acting career.

What happens after the course?

On completion of the course, you will have one high-quality Showreel scene which you can use to show to anyone in the industry to increase the amount of work you’re booking. 

However, many actors have more than one scene on their Showreel and so you may want to shoot more content.

So when you finish the course, you'll be offered the chance to shoot more scenes at JJ Splice - at a huge discount.

By doing the Showreel Launchpad Course you become part of the JJ Splice family and we will be here to support your career development.

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8 Weekly Classes, 6-9pm from 1st February 2024

JJ Splice Films, Surry Hills

$997 / $87 per week

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